Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Akhirnya.. Argentina terpaksa balik kampong...

Masih lagi demam bola. All of the family were expecting Argentina to score at least 1 goal especially from Messi. Tapi harapan punah... Now we've changed our mindset to sokong Germany plak.. Nampaknyer tak dapat la hubby merasa kek bendera Argentina...he he..

Anyway last week was quite busy with orders from friends. Bui, and Mareena..thx a lot..

Choc moist + Buttercream

My friend Pn Majistret , Maziah Joary a.k.a Bui ordered 36 pcs (CM + VO) for her makan2 at her office baru.

Vanilla Oreo + Buttercream

Selamat bertugas di tempat baru dan anak hang Jimmy tu cute, tak sempat jumpa abang dia. Bibik kata tengah buat homework..he he..

Vanilla + Buttercream

Ready to deliver

And another order from my ex- housemate in Portsmouth. Pn. Mareena ordered for her husband's cousin hantaran untuk bertunang. Excited sungguh makcik nih.. i'll do the best for yr daughter's CC nextweek okay!!! So you all tunggu next week punya posting..

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