Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mother's Day

Kepada semua ibu, mak, ummi, ma, mummy  rasernyer masih tak terlambat untuk mengucapkan "SELAMAT HARI IBU"... Actually everyday is a mother's day. Mother always has a special place in everybody's heart... Semua orang ada ibu...
As for me, thanks God for giving me the oppurtunity to be a my 5 precious're still my baby..Zulaika, Zuhaira, Zumaiya, Muhammad Zameer, Muhammad Zayeed ever and forever..

My three beautiful princesses Ika, Ira and Maya bertungkus lumus nak bagi present to me.. siap tanyer nak aper.. I told them " i want nothing except good behaviour and respect"..

They end up with these lovely gift... walaupun simple tapi bermakna...from their pocket money (mai from us jugak kan he he..)

From Curly Ika...

From Skinny Ira

From Maya me (org cakap)

Ok..lupa plak kat Zameer.. he was asking me what i want ...tapi bila dia dah sekolah nanti la baru dia nak beli. Dia nak bagi i hadiah cupcakes ..ermmm..mentang2 la mummy buat cupcakes. Kira ok la sebab dia terpikir of the Mother's Day. I love u all with all my heart.

So finally to all mothers in the world " Love your child" and to my MAK..Thanks for everything she has done for me and my kids and you are precious in any way... LOVE U MAK..

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